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Energizing Ecosystems, Elevating Entrepreneurs


Initiatives for Founders by Founders

Our purpose is to energize startup ecosystems and guide budding entrepreneurs, using customer-focused strategies to turn aspirations into tangible impacts—from concept to commerce, from Vision to Venture.



It is our mission to empower individuals with curated resources, mentorship programs, actionable curriculum, networking opportunities, and community support to transform aspiring entrepreneurs with the mindset, skills, and confidence needed to turn their visions into thriving businesses.


Committed to:

- Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset to support sustainable journeys anchored in a "By Founders for Founders” approach.
- Continually assess and adopt regional, national, and global entrepreneurship best practices.

- Encouraging innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

- Creating an inclusive and nurturing environment, further reducing barriers for entrepreneurs' growth.

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job security

61% of Millennials say that there is more job security in owning your own business than in working for someone

needing assistance

More than 13 million Millennials believe the #1 reason that keeps them from starting a business is not knowing how to run one or where to go for help.

start today

41% of Americans would quit their job and start a business in the next 6 months if they had the tools and
resources they need

zero barriers

Each of us has a fundamental right to realize an idea, create something of value, and pursue our
entrepreneurial dreams.


Arranging Bottles
Main Street and Growth Startups
Mentorship & University Engagement
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